Company Profile

We quantify and deliver sustainability measures, metrics, reports & declarations

Ecquate is an independent scientific services company dedicated to the commercial application of life cycle analysis (LCA) and environmental sustainability assessment. Since 1996, our people have helped business, educational and government entities improve their relationship with the environment.   We joined forces as Ecquate in 2008 and committed to full cradle to cradle life cycle thinking and development.  


We collect, analyse and organise accessible datasets of relevant LCA information.  ​We have built a manufacturing procedures library of over six thousand different processes.  As well as our own, we have access to most of the worlds leading building product life cycle inventories.  We rapidly audit and adopt any publicly available building material data.

We maintain and support national life cycle inventory (LCI) databases for Australia, Netherlands, South Africa, Germany and East Coast USA as part of  our work in helping industrial, commercial and government entities analyse and improve their relationship with the environment. ​


As arguably the leading developer of building product life cycle inventory databases, we can quickly develop and maintain a life cycle inventory dataset specific to each location of manufacture in the supply chain.  We are one of the few EPD providers with the capacity to take on a full range of products from multi site manufacturers.


Even though our background is with building products manufacturing, we have direct access to the data needed to optimise almost all real world products, processes and procedures.    We can show relative good, better and best for almost any product allowing you a base from which to continuously improve your environmental outcomes and product declarations.  Ecquate is a market leader in delivering positive environmental outcomes backed by well researched, quality data for a wide range of clients.


We are wholesale information providers to Europe, China, USA, Australia, the Middle East and South Africa.   For these regions, we provide building product life cycle inventory databases, environmental product declarations, background assessment data and associated services to ecolabellers, LCI database suppliers and a wide range of client companies.


Ecquate has representation in Sydney, Brisbane and The Hague.  We work in a virtual distributed web environment with our Mount Tamborine office being the primary point for research and staff development.  The Thirroul office manages administration, sales and marketing.  We relate directly without social media.