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We quantify and deliver sustainability measures, metrics, reports & declarations

Since 2008, Ecquate has committed to full cradle to cradle life cycle thinking and development.  Our team of scientists and engineers help guide and optimise your processing outcomes, allowing you to deliver outstanding results for you, your people and your clients.

Our staff maintain numerous national, industry and site specific life cycle inventory database as part of their work in helping industrial, business and government entities analyse and improve their relationship with the environment. 

With our building products library documenting over six thousand different manufacturing processes including inputs and outputs, we can show relative good, better and best for almost any material and thus quickly find your path to a better environmental outcomes.

With six national life cycle inventory databases covering major countries and numerous industry and site specific databases we are arguably  the leading supplier of life cycle inventory databases for the built world. 


We are information providers to commercial, industrial and building sectors in Europe, China USA, Australia, the Middle East and South Africa.   For these regions, we provide building product life cycle inventory databases, environmental product declarations, background assessment data and associated services to ecolabellers, LCI database suppliers and a wide range of client companies.


Our processes cover a wide range in environmental sustainability assessment.  Ecquate aim to deliver positive environmental outcomes backed by well researched, quality data for a range of real world industrial and commercial clients.

Ecquate has representation in Sydney, Brisbane and The Hague.  Over the last twelve years we have steadily grown to five full time and twenty two project based staff working in a distributed environment with our Mount Tamborine office being the primary point for research and staff development.  The Thirroul office manages administration, sales and marketing.  We relate directly and do not support social media.

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