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Delwyn Jones

Environmental scientist and research leader in life cycle analysis who led the database development for LCADesign.  This culminated in the advent of life cycle inventory (LCI) databases for the Australian, Californian, German and Dutch supply chains.


Delwyn leads the development of LCI for Global GreenTag ecolabels. Her R&D is in Life Cycle Benefit Analysis for Regenerative Development and Circular Economy. Previously Delwyn was the Principle Scientist for Queensland Department of Public Works, has also been involved in writing numerous books and papers on LCA and has twice won Queensland's Banksia Award.


Mathilde Vlieg

Mathilde Vlieg, our european representative  lives in San Sebastián, Spain. Mathilde is a research associate with a Masters Degree in Industrial Ecology and expertise in supply chain and life cycle analysis. With over 7 years in the sustainability sector, Mathilde specialises in life cycle assessment, life cycle inventory database development, research and green certification .  Mathilde’s offers world-leading expertise in forest product carbon accounting and assessment.

Since April 2016 Mathilde has managed OpenLCA in Australasia. Mathilde is the co-developer of Life Cycle Benefit Assessment Methodology to count beyond-zero damages to find and report positive outcomes.  Mathilde is well published. A few of her papers can be found at


Shloka Ashar

Shloka Ashar is a Brisbane based senior research associate specialising life cycle assessment reports, environmental product declarations, quality assured programs for sustainability and modern slavery assessment.

Shloka is the former lead product assessor at Global GreenTag Pty Ltd., managing a world-leading ecolabelling team of certifiers for 8 years.  Shloka is passionate about enabling business to understand their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats involved in  using sustainability for market positioning.   As a specialist development analyst Shloka has handled various carbon credit and sustainability projects including LEED credits for new offices.

Shloka has worked closely with government departments involved in approving grants for afforestation project and amending policies that guide steps towards corporate sustainability.  Shloka has worked as a program coordinator at the Centre for Environmental Education for creating environmental awareness amongst youth.


Direshni Naiker

Direshni Naiker, a resident of Durban S.A. is our South African representative.  Direshni has considerable expertise in product ecolabelling, life cycle inventory development, greenhouse gas emissions reporting, global reporting initiative (GRI) sustainability reporting, energy management systems, ISO environmental management systems, environmental building and product certification, life cycle assessment, water footprinting, Enterprise Environmental Management Information Systems, Marketing of Sustainability Agendas plus developing and applying Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) Sustainability Strategies.

Direshni is an IEMA-UK registered Carbon Footprint Analyst and SETA registered Carbon Footprint/Carbon Tax Analyst. Direshni has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental science with a majors in microbiology as well as a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Environmental Management from UK ZN and has completed the Green Star SA-Interiors and Net Zero/Positive Courses. Direshni's extensive experience in industry includes working as a Environmental Analyst at Belgotex 2014 to 18, being the Quality Officer at Shoreline Beverages 2013 and 2014 and previously a Quality Officer at Microfoods 2009 to 2012.


Murray Jones

Murray is a software designer with a background in commercial systems development.  Murray has a B.Sc. in mathematics.  As the founder of three software companies at different times, he led the development and marketing of five commercial software packages. Murray is responsible for the implementation and support of >200 business systems. 

Murray has taken a management role in Ecquate and is responsible for administration and marketing.  Murray is also responsible for the development and application of LCADesign to commercial buildings, green labelling and environmental product declarations.


Dr. Steve Watson

Sustainable building consultant, designer and architect. Steve has a Ph. D. in environmental design processes. Steve is a 2008 BERS professional and a 2005 Green Globe Design & Construct Assessor and 2004 GreenStar accredited professional.


A former University Architectural Research Fellow Steve also lectures in Sustainable Design and Technology at Universities and TAFEs.


Dr. Penelope Mitchell

Architect and LCA consultant. Formerly CSIRO scientist with a PhD in supply chain eco- management. Penelope has been involved in environmental and social sustainability since 1989. Penelope has contributed to global leading edge tools such as Envest 2  at BRE UK.


While at CSIRO Penelope consulted on automated eco-appraisal software and forest and wood product LCI.


Dr. Lesley Friend

Educator and writer. Lesley has worked in diverse contexts to facilitate educational reform. Her belief is that sustainability starts with dynamic education that is immediately responsive to the world around us and translates into action.


Interested in curriculum design, mentoring in current pedagogical practices and designing authentic assessment. Lesley's work as a reformist with Qatar, the UAE, India and Queensland education systems has aimed to improve practice to deliver better planners, teachers and assessors.



Dr. Phillipa Watson

Architect, sustainability consultant and LCI researcher. Phillipa is a leader in design decision-making and construction delivery frameworks. 


While at CSIRO she contributed to LCA software development and at Brisbane City Design Phillipa developed and implemented 3 new green tools which were widely distributed. These form the basis of many current tools. Her PhD is in adaptation to climate change.


Dr. Paul Harrey

Industrial designer and Director of a bio-waste resource recovery company. Paul has a PhD in electronics manufacturing, and B Sc 1st class (Hons) in industrial design.


Paul consults as an engineer, designer, industrial ecologist and ermiculturist for organisations and Industry. Carbon sequestration of methane in organic wastes, for example, is a vital GGE mitigation technology.

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