We offer

Carbon footprint analysis

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Pathways to net zero emissions

LCA of Building information models (BIM)

Developing and distributing LCA software

Life Cycle Inventory database (LCI) development

Corporate and product ReCiPe and Carbon ecoprofiles

Building data bridges for all major LCI databases

Competitive product analysis

We develop

  1. Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to ISO 14025 or EN 15804 standards

  2. Environmental Building Declarations (EBDs) to the EN 15879 standard

  3. Green Building Council Credit Analysis

  4. Life Cycle Inventory databases

  5. Whole building LCIA

Our current commercial arrangements

Licensed to develop LCADesign, LCADevelop, LCADo and LCADetail

Australasian Licensee for OpenLCA
Develop EcoSpold compliant LCI plugins for GaBi, SimaPro, OpenLCA and LCADesign impact assessment software

Our current production

We have developed over 968 third party certified EPDs

We have developed and continue to maintain life cycle inventory databases and datasets for European, Asian, British and Pacific Rim regions. 


This includes;

All Australian States, England, Ireland, Scotland, Europe, Germany, Netherlands, France, Finland, Italy, Spain, Russia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland, Canadian Provinces of Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia
USA States: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas, P R China: DongGuan and Baotou Prefectures, Hebei and Shandong Provinces as well as the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Mongolia,

Pacific Rim: Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand, North and South Islands
South Africa regions and cities of Johannesburg and Capetown

LCADesign sample outputs

Below are some samples of analytical output from LCADesign using a small building information modelIn this example four material variations are assigned to the BIM wall elements within LCADesign, which  normalises these options relative to the colourbond (steel sheeting coated with zinc and polymer) wall, represented by the blue circle. Thus the impact of these material options relative to the use of colourbond are revealed.


In the example below, the impact of the use of concrete across numerous measures is compared relative to the use of bricks

Brick V Block.JPG