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Global GreenTag builds trust into marketing by independently certifying a range of ecolabels. Government and corporate procurement increasingly calls on producers to supply ecolabels called Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). These are generated by tracking, modelling and quantifying product component supply chains from the earth’s cradle to grave using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Our subsidiary, The Evah Institute, has developed over 1,000 EPDs for many leading local and multinational enterprises. Global GreenTag use Ecquate’s services because of Evah’s scientific expertise and comprehensive library of national and global Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) databases.

Every EPD involves determining that product's environmental damage and benefit results.  Numerous component results for each product keep our LCI library updated.   Ecquate's libaries contain over 30 years of building product data from 80 nations. Earlier results were from our custodianship of research projects with the CSIRO, State Governments and leading Australian and International industry providers. Our first international LCI databases were developed for projects at UCLA in Berkely California and the Netherlands.  Now, with 12,000 registered users at, our free Evah OzLCI2019 database is arguably the world’s most popular amongst companies, non-government organisations, universities and post graduates.  Key examples listed below show a range of Ecquate-produced EPDs. Please click on any of these six sample images to see the full EPD.  A wider range of our EPDs can be viewed on under the product finder tab.

Environmental Product Declarations

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